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  1. I signed up to your site this morning and I must say I found it very quick and efficient to use. We source various promotional products here and sometimes I can't seem to gain the order due to price, its nice to have another system to use that offers competitive pricing which will hopefully increase my order success rate in the future. Many thanks for making me aware of this site.
  2. I find SourcingMachine very easy to use and am able to source products quickly and efficiently.
  3. Just wanted to say that I love your site. I have found many items on there that are not anywhere else. It's nice to have something that benefits the distributors for a change!
  4. As a distributor I'd just like to say what a useful tool this site is. We did subscribe to a competitor's website but didn't find it that good and couldn't justify the spend re the amount of promo we sold
  5. 'This is the perfect answer for us'
  6. 'We'll support any suppliers who place their products here'
  7. I have been testing your site all week its much easier to use than your Competitor's website and the product images are much better, I have found quite a few things this week including lanyards and id badges. Keep up the good work!!
  8. 'I'd just like to say what a useful tool this site is'
  9. 'You just saved me You just saved me £795.00!'
  10. This system is streets ahead of the competition.
  11. I have always found SourcingMachine to be very helpful - when searching for products, I often get more results than I would with the same search on a competitor's website.
  12. The search facility was quite easy although I only tried for a generic product like a mug. Still, the options that came up were good clear images and it was quick as well. I really like your quick search, it gives so many different options so it's really varied. All in all I navigated around the site really easily and I'll definitely be using you from now on.
  13. You and your colleagues have been very helpful in setting us up as suppliers on SourcingMachine and when you say you will get back to us, you always do. The site is very comprehensive and we are looking forward to more enquiries as a result of it, once the calendar season starts to take off
  14. Looks impressive so far. Search facility is easy to use. Great to be able to get quality images of your products without having to call and ask for them on email (A personal gripe of mine!)
  15. Any enquiry I have now goes straight into SourcingMachine and not anywhere else. I am thoroughly happy with the service you offer and am glad to be a part of it