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R&JP International Launch Virtual Exhibition
R&JP R&JP International Launch Virtual Exhibition

R&JP  International are now bringing the New Normal to you direct. With New  Thinking, because of Covid -19, shielding, social distancing, protecting  everyone and staying safe is now our number one priority so we have  adapted the way we showcase R&JP’s diverse array of products with  the launch of R&JP’s new online visual exhibition, giving all those  perspective customers a glimpse of some of the top selling items that we  offer without leaving the house!

With the virtual event now online, you can see upfront some of R&JP’s must have promotional products such as the 

- Stress relivers

-Flashing Bouncy Balls

- Light up YO-YOs

- Promotional Fidget Spinners/Cubes

- Snow Photo Globes

-Hand Clappers


- Juggling Balls and many, many more!


R&JP International promotes:

-Fast Delivery Times

-Print in House

-Stock of 1000’s of good quality Products

-Expert Customer Service

-Certified Products & Facilities

-Best Low Cost Prices

-Low Minimum Orders

-Samples Available

So  come and attend the official event of R&JP Internationals Virtual  Exhibition with a full product portfolio of some of products mentioned,  then proceed to our various links advertised and get a quote on that  much needed merchandise you require!


Last edited by R&JP (2020-11-18 04:12:55)