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Listawood lead the way in ground breaking patented Antimicrobial Drinkware.
Listawood Listawood lead the way in ground breaking patented Antimicrobial Drinkware.

Leading manufacturer Listawood are reporting a surge in demand for  their innovative and patent protected range of Anti microbial drinkware.  Sold under the AntiBug® trademark, the company first launched this  range of products back in 2012; responding to well-publicised concerns  about the transfer of pathogens in busy settings such as hospitals and  care homes as well as in the corporate environment.   

During the  past 8 years, Listawood have extended the lines available with this  treatment now available on a comprehensive range of the most popular  drinkware items including ceramic mugs, stainless steel thermal bottles  and coffee-to-go cups and tumblers.   

“Our AntiBug® treatment has  always been a popular line for us but in recent months demand has been  growing exponentially with brands and the wider consumer being much more  conscious about hygiene best practice and the risk of infection  transfer.” Commented Alex Turner, Managing Director, Listawood. “We’ve  always been committed in our desire to offer unique and innovative lines  and AntiBug® is testament to this”. “It is important that our customers  are aware that they are supplying products whose performance is  supported by robust independent laboratory test data and is protected  via our patent process, meaning that they can pitch Listawood products  with complete confidence” added Turner.

How does it work ?  AntiBug® coated surfaces start to fight bacteria as soon as they come  into contact with the product and the process has been clinically proven  to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria within a 24 hour period. AntiBug®  products withstand repeated cleaning cycles whilst maintaining  antibacterial effectiveness and, what’s more,the AntiBug® treatment  lasts for the lifetime of the product!

This unique treatment is  available on a wide selection of Listawood’s best selling promotional  products; including the entire range of its Thermal Bottles,  coffee-to-go cups, pantone matched ColourCoat mugs and Duraglaze  PhotoMugs. 

Listawood have invested heavily in global patent  protection to support their innovations. In addition to their  anti-microbial technology for drinkware they have a wider portfolio of  granted patents and applications in progress for their satin / matt dye  sublimation drinkware, toner transfer coloured ware and their  multi-award winning new colourfusion products.   For more information  about the AntiBug® patent range visit www.listawood.com/antibug or call  the team on 01553 818842.



Last edited by Listawood (2020-09-21 10:29:06)