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Odor-Free Socks By Kingly Reduce The Environmental Footprint
Kingly Ltd Odor-Free Socks By Kingly Reduce The Environmental Footprint

Odor-Free Socks By Kingly Reduce The Environmental Footprint

Kingly  was just awarded the certificate of analysis 14060 for their range of  odor-free socks. The company uses fabric treatment that inhibits the  growth of odor-causing bacteria, allowing you to wear your socks longer  and wash less. The Polygiene® innovation not only helps the socks last  longer but it also reduces the environmental footprint. Here are some  other benefits:

·         Stays Fresh: Enjoy fresh-all-day confidence as Polygiene® inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria;

·         Durable: Polygiene’s odor-free performance lasts the lifetime of the product;

·         Skin-Friendly: Doesn’t interfere with perspiration or your skin’s natural bacterial flora;

·          Wear More. Wash Less©: Socks can be worn several times before  washing, allowing you to save time and your garments to last longer;

·          Travel Light: Since you can wear Polygiene-treated socks  several times before washing, you can now travel with less luggage;

·          Climate Smart: With less washing, your Polygiene-treated socks  last longer. You also save time, water and energy associated with  washing, drastically reducing the environmental footprint of each  garment.

Kingly is a certified partner of Polygiene as we have  surpassed all the required laboratory testing. Laboratory test report is  available upon request. Visit our website www.kinglysocks.eu and  contact us via service@wearekingly.com.


Last edited by Kingly Ltd (2020-09-14 08:30:54)