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A New Normal; New Protection & Wellness and Eco Products as Well as Writing Instruments feature in Goldstar’s New Season Promo Essentials Catalogue
Goldstar Europe A New Normal; New Protection & Wellness and Eco Products as Well as Writing Instruments feature in Goldstar’s New Season Promo Essentials Catalogue

New  Protection & Wellness products, Writing Instruments, Eco-Minded  products and Bags feature prominently in Goldstar’s new 40 page Season Promo Essentials catalogue as the company adapts  to the new business needs of the Covid-19 era by focussing heavily on  health, protection and wellness to keep businesses promoting themselves  while also keeping the public safe. 

The important range of Protection & Wellness products  includes four full colour pens with an Antimicrobial Additive  (Simplicolour technology); four different masks, washable or single use  only; one visor and three types of customisable hand sanitisers.

An  outstanding innovation is Pentection Plus. Goldstar has selected five  top-selling stylus metal pens and brought them together as its  Pentection Plus collection. Pentection Plus offers businesses the  facility to choose free individual name engraving on the pens, to enable  organisations to help their customers and staff to feel more secure in  the workplace by ensuring that employees use or touch only pens with  their name. This will allow employees to stop using each other’s pens  inadvertently, which will stop the spread of germs in the workplace. Goldstar  will also offer a small fee for the option to have Pentection Plus pens  double sealed in a polybag for extra protection.

The Writing instruments  also include special offers on four popular gift sets and feature the  brand new Jagger Mix and Match set, which comes in all black, gunmetal,  chrome trims and gold or silver mirror engraving.

Eight products are included to its Eco Minded  range. Outstanding among them is the Bambowie Gift Set of a pen and  pencil with bamboo barrels and coming in a sustainably produced box.  There are also full-colour digitally printed pens (ColourJet  technology), pencils, and notepads whose barrels and trims have been  made partially from recycled plastic bottles, coffee materials and  reclaimed wheat straw.

The new catalogue also features four types of bags  (tote bags and foldaway bags) and two backpacks (cotton and polyester  drawstring bags), which have been created using full Colourjet  printers.  

Colin  Loughran, General Manager of Goldstar Europe, says: “In our striking  new catalogue, we have completely adapted our strategy and product range  with many innovations to assist businesses in returning to work safely  as protecting ourselves, each other and the planet is essential.”




Last edited by Goldstar Europe (2020-09-10 06:18:30)