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Kingly: New Frustration Free Packaging For Our Sanitizer Gel
Kingly Ltd Kingly: New Frustration Free Packaging For Our Sanitizer Gel

Strong recyclable packaging means you get the goods in one piece!                 

So  very often we hear of cracked bottles of sanitizer, with the contents  leaking everywhere. It seems like most of what’s sold is packaged wrong.  This you would expect from the fraudsters, but not from reputable  suppliers. Yet, time after time, we know that there’s high wastage due  to flimsy packaging that’s just not up to the job. 


And  add the logistics company (no names mentioned) who doesn’t care much  about what they’re carrying, and its common that they throw boxes into  and out of vans as quickly as they can.


Most producers  and suppliers do not acknowledge the importance of packaging. At Kingly,  we’re different. We take pride in our products and designs, and that  includes our packaging. So, let us introduce Kingly’s FFP: Frustration  Free Packaging. We’re committed to good design and we’re committed to  having our goods arrive in one piece.


So, what is our Frustration Free Packaging and why is it so important?


It’s  packaging that is made of 100% recyclable materials and is easy to  open. It’s designed to ship products in their original packaging, which  eliminates the need for an additional shipping box. As described by  AMAZON, "Frustration-Free Packaging" was designed with the customer in  mind, making it easier to liberate products from their packages,  protecting the product contents while also reducing waste.


Since  2008 numbers have grown to include more than 750,000 products with this  type of packaging. As of December 2017, Amazon’s sustainable packaging  innovations have eliminated 215,000 tons of packaging material and  avoided using 360 million shipping boxes. Good for the customer. Good  for the planet.

Hats off to Amazon. We’ve followed suit and  introduced recyclable corrugated board dispenser boxes, for 20 bottles  of 60 ml sanitiser gel and 20 bottles of 100 ml.


Did we  test them? You can bet we did! We took our box with 20 bottles of gel.  We threw it countless times on the floor from a height of 2 metres. And  then we threw it against the wall. We did it so much we got tired of  throwing and Accounts got tired of the noise. So, we just dropped it a  few more times and then checked on the contents.

The box had taken some damage but, when we opened it up, all 20 bottles of gel were in a perfect state.

To  recap, Kingly take their Sanitizer Gel very seriously. It’s top grade,  high quality, EU made, with 80% alcohol by volume and there’s an  independent lab report for each and every batch produced! That’s 100%  total assurance for all. And considering that the market is still being  flooded with dangerous fake sanitizers, that’s assurance worth having.

Take  the high quality EN certified sanitizer gel, coupled with the correct  protective and recyclable packaging, and you can see we care for our  customers and the environment. Knowing our products are great is  important. And so is integrity and trust. We’re constantly shocked at  some of the fake products that get to market – and we’re shocked at some  of the good products that don’t get there because of poor packaging. 


Our products are beyond reproach – our Frustration Free Packaging is part of that story.   


Kingly - A brand built on trust.

  Contact us via service@wearekingly.com to get a 5% discount from our  800 ml refillable sanitizer wall dispensers today. Learn more here:  https://www.creativehygienepackaging.com/sanitiser-stations



Last edited by Kingly Ltd (2020-07-31 12:04:17)