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Creativity is Key!
Eat My Logo Limited Creativity is Key!

Through the recent months, we have seen the basis of our orders  change, with many of our customers opting to send items out to  individual addresses. We have been impressed with some of the creative  ideas of our clients, who have thought outside the box with their uses  of our products!

One recent success was a regular customer, who  made use of our 4 portion brownies to send out a literal ‘smile’ to each  of their home working staff members. Each brownie was branded with a  smile, along with their logo. Sent out with a thoughtful note for mental  health awareness week, we thought these were a perfect example of a  great use of our mail-out products.

In addition to this, another  customer made use of our cake jars, sending out a pack of 4 to each of  their team members. The jars were branded with a ‘keep calm and stay  strong’ message. The jars were delivered directly to home addresses as  part of a morale boosting initiative. We loved the message behind these  products, and the customer got some great results, with staff greatly  appreciative of the items.

If your client is looking for a unique  way to reach out to touch base with staff or customers, give us a call!  We would love to help out and offer some of our ‘feel good’ products as  a way to make a lasting impact.

Contact us today: emlsales@eatmylogo.co.uk

01772 472580


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