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Upcycling Revolution With Eco-friendly Socks By Kingly
Kingly Ltd Upcycling Revolution With Eco-friendly Socks By Kingly

Kingly has been awarded the prestigious Promotional Gift Award 2020  for our revolutionary upcycled socks packages into compostable  self-sealed bags. 

We use textile waste as a raw material  resource, diverting it from landfill and incineration. We become less  dependent on virgin materials and we save water and energy, reducing CO2  emissions and the use of toxic materials. Once an order is completed,  we’ll use our energy savings calculator to determine the amount of  savings gained in the production of your socks. You will receive an  excel chart showing saved amounts of pollutants, emissions, water,  landfill and bottles. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.  Textiles can flow through the Upcycled Textile System for many life  cycles, creating long lasting, high-value products in each successive  generation.  Fashion, accessories and home goods are bought, used, and  eventually worn-out, at which point they are returned to the Upcycled  Textile System.

Kingly is a pioneer in this packaging as we are  the first to bring it to market in the socks industry. Our socks are  packaged as standard into individual compostable self-seal bags.  Customers appreciate the change to compostable and all welcome it as the  sock bag of the future. Embrace the change to compostable. This is a  plasticizer-free and GMO-free thermoplastic material based on natural  potato starch. Once disposed of, the bag will breakdown in approximately  8 weeks.

For purposes of eco sustainability, we recommend the  compostable bag. It is slightly milky in colour with a nice sanitized  touch. It is the most eco sustainable sock bag available. Learn more  about our upcycled socks and upcycled sweaters at www.kinglysocks.eu



Last edited by Kingly Ltd (2020-07-26 11:30:18)