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Pro-Ad Welcomes Another New Member to The Family!
Pro-Ad Ltd Pro-Ad Welcomes Another New Member to The Family!

Sasha Grace Nardini came into the world on the 21st  of May, a few weeks ahead of… lead time and weighing  6lbs. Loren and  Emily Nardini are over the moon with the new addition to the family and  mom and baby are both doing well. A big thank you must go out to the NHS  and RVI maternity ward who were fantastic and helpful throughout the  pandemic!

With another 3rd generation Nardini to be joining  Pro-Ad, Carlo is going to allow Sasha to settle into family life before  getting her going on her first enquiry.  According to the Pro-Ad team “  Big brother Max and Sasha are the cutest Nardini’s in Pro-Ad and Sahsa  is going to be spoilt when she comes to the office(when we're all  allowed back into the office)!”


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