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Cupcake Gift Boxes Delivered to your Door!
Eat My Logo Limited Cupcake Gift Boxes Delivered to your Door!

We know that during the current climate and all of the uncertainty surrounding COVID - 19, many of your clients' employees are working remotely. This can be a challenge at times, but we have the perfect solution to keep their staff motivated - Cupcakes!

Eat My Logo’s Tasty Logo Cupcake Gift Boxes are the perfect sweet treat to boost morale and keep everybody connected, even whilst they're not physically together!  Why not encourage the recipients to...?  


As each person tucks into their delicious Gift Box of Cupcakes, ask them to tweet a picture of themselves with the products, helping to promote your client's company at the same time too!

We can send Gift Boxes to hundreds of locations, so no matter how many employees your client has working from home, they can surprise and delight them all with these fabulous treats!

The special Homeworker Gift Boxes come in packs of 6 and include FREE Delivery! *

Dedicated couriers will deliver these directly to your client’s employees’ door! It has never been easier! So, go on, treat everyone with cupcakes!

Get in touch with the Sales Team for a quote today!

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: The special pricing on this range of products will only be available whilst the current government restrictions are in place and will revert to normal pricing once the restrictions have been lifted.  These products have been heavily subsidised by Eat My Logo so as a result all orders must be paid for within 24 working hours of order confirmation.  No work will start on any orders until payment has been received.  All products include FREE delivery based upon specific delivery options.  Any changes to these will incur surcharges.


Email: emlsales@eatmylogo.co.uk

Call: 01772 472580




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