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Introducing biofree® - UK Made and HSE Approved Hand Sanitiser - From The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products
The Pen Warehouse Introducing biofree® - UK Made and HSE Approved Hand Sanitiser - From The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products

Amid shortages of much needed antibacterial  products during the coronavirus outbreak, The Pen Warehouse and Snap  Products have developed biofree®, their in-house UK manufactured liquid  hand sanitiser.

Every biofree® hand sanitiser is produced, filled  and labelled in-house and manufactured using the World Health  Organisation (WHO) recommended formulation, containing 75% alcohol.  What’s more, The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products are authorised  to manufacture this hand sanitiser by the Health and Safety Executive  (HSE), which is a requirement for this type of alcohol. Their liquid  hand sanitiser is manufactured to EN1500 standard with SDS sheets  available on request.

Typically, hand sanitiser products are imported  from the Far East but circumstances meant the family business adapted  overnight several weeks ago and have now supplied many key worker  organisations through their customer base.

Helen Dyl, Operations Director, commented, “This  is an uncertain time for many, and as a family and a  business, we  needed to look inward and innovate using our R&D capabilities.  We  made the decision to take hand sanitiser manufacturing  in-house to ensure supply was available immediately and that the  product would be produced with a higher alcohol content than the  overseas versions we had been offered, this point was paramount for us.  We very much see this as a product made by our family,  for your family, your customers and beyond.”

Various sizes will be available to the trade  either with a biofree® label or bespoke full colour label and despatched  in 5 - 10 working days. Helen added, “we have stock of various sizes  and will be releasing further products over the  coming weeks. Please get in touch if you have a demand big or small to  discuss options. We have just released a 50ml bottle option, which will  be available for despatch next week.”

Contact biofree@snapproducts.co.uk for more information and best prices. Terms and conditions apply.



Last edited by The Pen Warehouse (2020-04-17 12:41:58)