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Sow Easy’s Seedstick Bookmarks
Sow Easy Sow Easy’s Seedstick Bookmarks

Autumn is coming up, which means it's not much longer until the kids will be heading back to school. Our Seedstick Bookmarks are not only great back to school promotions for brands centered on community, but fun for kids to plant, and can be a great learning experience.

In the current state of the environment, it's more important than ever that the next generation is aware of sustainability practices. While our Seedstick Bookmarks are a brilliant way to subtly encourage reading, they also serve as a great tool to teach kids about the importance of planting and taking care of the Earth. The Seedstick packets attached to the bookmark can eventually be ripped off and planted. 

For more details or to order your own Seedstick Bookmarks, info@soweasy.com.

At Sow Easy, we’re delighted to actively take steps towards creating a better tomorrow. Our seeded products themselves not only encourage flower and herb planting, but help to deter consumers from plastic promotional products. 

Sow Easy products can be customised with any company’s branding. For additional information, go to www.soweasy.com. To place an order, call +44 (0)1753 644588, or info@soweasy.com.


Last edited by Sow Easy (2019-08-23 04:31:01)