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Web Builder Distributor End-User Skin Sites are NOT just "off-the-shelf" templates, but a completely customisable website solution to fit your Company's needs. Controlled from an easy to use content management Control Panel, they include thousands of products from hundreds of leading suppliers, many with full pricing information (with many more being added each day). All we need to start to create your Company's own Skin Site is your logo and we will complete the rest of the set-up process for you and will have your site up and running in a couple of days.


Basic - £50.00 + vat per month

You can start off and create your own Company website within a few minutes with WebBuilder 'Basic', choosing your own unique layout and colour scheme and adding your own text, graphics and contact information. Simply click the 'Manage End User Website' link on your SourcingMachine Dashboard and start to build your Company website.

Once created your Customers will be able to add products that they choose into an enquiry basket to send to you and create virtual samples with their logo on your Company website.

Distributors with a Profile on SourcingMachine.co.uk receive an 'Basic' version of the Web Builder websites for £50.00+vat per month

All our WebBuilder packages include features that are unique to SourcingMachine, for our WebBuilder BASIC package these include Virtual Sample technology integrated as standard, the option to add up to 6 External Links that you can customise to go to other specialist websites that you might want to feature on your own site or link to specific products or pages on your own WebBuilder website. WebBuilder also features a Banner Management function where you can select from list of Banners to add to your own site supplied by your Suppliers, letting you keep your website fresh and seasonal.

Features include:      Request a Demo      Compare
    Access to Sourcing Facility
    Unique Design Option With Drag & Drop
    Template Customisation
    Change Colour Scheme
    Add Your Own Graphics
    Add Your Own Text & Links
    Comprehensive Product Detail inc. Pricing
    Full Product Database containing thousands of products
    Contact Us, About Us & Policies Pages Editable
    Enquiry Basket
    Catalogue Groups On Database
    Add Rotating Banner Campaigns
    Virtual Samples



Increase your company exposure by upgrading your 'Basic' website to a WebBuilder PRO. Simply click on the Upgrade button on your WebBuilder Control Panel and the features below will become available to you immediately, giving you the ability to Search Engine Optimise your WebBuilder website.

All our WebBuilder packages include features that are unique to SourcingMachine, for our WebBuilder PLUS package these include the ability to add as many of your own products as you want onto your own WebBuilder website which will then fully integrate into your own website’s product database.

Additional Features Include:      Request a Demo      Compare
    Use Your Own Domain On Your Website
    Create Customer Login Details
    Manage Product Categories
    Add Pages To The Menu Bar
    Add Company news
    Create Your Company Blog
    Add Unlimited Products From Any Source
    Integrates With Google Analytics
    Add Links to all your Social Networking sites
    Upload Unlimited Products From Any Source
    Customer Login



If you're looking for a professional level website for your business then upgrade your existing 'WebBuilder' website to WebBuilder PRO. With options such as full Search Engine Optimisation and unlimited Customer web shops, these are much more than just an online product database but a tool that will assist you to sell promotional products and put you ahead of your competition.

All our WebBuilder packages include features that are unique to SourcingMachine, for our WebBuilder PRO package these include the ability to add Meta Tags to all products and Image Tags to any product on your website. Our PRO Package also includes the unique ‘Unlimited WebShops’ function that allows you to create a full working webshop for any of your clients enabling them to order any of their Promotional Merchandise products with you through your Company’s website.

Additional Features Include:      Request a Demo      Compare
    Add Custom CSS Design
    Create Unlimited Customer Web Stores
    Full Metadata Management


Your WebBuilder Options:

Web Builder Features List Basic Plus Pro
Access to Sourcing Facility FREE FREE FREE
Unique Design Option With Drag & Drop Yes   Yes   Yes  
Template Customisation Yes   Yes   Yes  
Change Colour Scheme Yes   Yes   Yes  
Add Your Own Graphics Yes   Yes   Yes  
Add Your Own Text & Links Yes   Yes   Yes  
Comprehensive Product Detail inc. Pricing Yes   Yes   Yes  
Full Product Database containing 1,000’s of Products Yes   Yes   Yes  
Contact Us, About Us & Policies Pages Editable Yes   Yes   Yes  
Enquiry Basket Yes   Yes   Yes  
Catalogue Groups On Database Yes   Yes   Yes  
Integration with Sourcing Machine 'Order Manager' Yes   Yes   Yes  
Virtual Samples Yes   Yes   Yes  
Add Rotating Banner Campaigns Yes   Yes   Yes  
Add Links to Your Social Networking Sites   Yes   Yes  
Use Your Own Domain On Your Website   Yes   Yes  
Create Customer Login Details   Yes   Yes  
Manage Product Categories   Yes   Yes  
Add Pages To The Menu Bar   Yes   Yes  
Add Company news   Yes   Yes  
Create Your Company Blog   Yes   Yes  
Add Unlimited Products From Any Source   Yes   Yes  
Integrates With Google Analytics   Yes   Yes  
Customer Login   Yes   Yes  
Add Custom Unlimited Pages   Yes   Yes  
Add Custom CSS Design     Yes  
Create Unlimited Customer Web Stores     Yes  
Add Product Image Tags     Yes  
Metadata Management     Yes  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How much does it all cost?

We offer 1 website Plan: WebBuilder BASIC, PLUS & PRO features are all included in the £50.00 per month cost

Q: Is there a Contract to sign?

No annual contract is required, you only pay for your website on a month to month basis. Initially by credit or debit card for the first month and then by standing order. You can cancel your website with us at any time without any further financial commitment.

Q: How long does my website take to build?

You can build your website within 2 days, you will need to have your logo ready to send us, we will then ask you what you want on your slide banners and exernal link buttons, we will then design these for you (please see our offer below for artwork services to get you started).

Q: Who provides the website domain name, can I use my own?

We provide a website domain for your Website when we initially build your site for you (you can choose this when you set-up your WebBuilder) , you can then use your own website domain name by pointing your registered domain name to this site. For PLUS and PRO versions of the WebBuilder the sub-domains and category URLs will feature under your domain.

Q: How many products can I have on my WebBuilder website?

There will be approx.. 120,000 products on your WebBuilder website, supplied by approx.. 400 different Suppliers. We focus our full attention on maintaining the product database and making sure that our product and supplier information is current and up-to-date. We encourage you to tell us if there are any corrections required.

Q: If I'm part of a catalogue group, can have the products that feature in my catalogue on my WebBuilder website?

Yes, call our Team and they will arrange for all products featured in your catalogue group to automatically appear at the top off all search results on your WebBuilder website.

Q: How do we find out who is the Supplier of the products on your WebBuilder website?

All Supplier information for products on your WebBuilder website is on www.SourcingMachine.co.uk

Q: Can I link other product websites to my website?

Yes, all versions of WebBuilder allow for the option of up to 6 links to be displayed to other websites.

Q: Can I change product prices?

Yes, you can change the End User pricing on your website by changing the percentage margin in the User Profile section of your Control Panel Dashboard.

Q: Can I try before I buy?

Yes, please create your WebBuilder BASIC today then upgrade to PLUS or PRO for the minimum period of 1month.



Getting Started:

To get started click on Manage End User Website in you Dashboard. Complete the domain name with your Company name.

Now complete and customise your website by using all the tools in the Control Panel Dashboard. To complete this you will need to upload your header and flash banner, you may also need link buttons too. If you do not have artwork for these then please use our artwork service OFFER below:

*Artwork Offer* To help you set up your 'Web Builder' Company website we offer the following artwork package which includes all the personalised artwork you need to get your site up and running:

1 x Header Banner designed with your artwork and contact details

1 x Rotating Flash Banner featuring 4 separate images

6 x Personalised link buttons

All for ONLY £145.00+ vat

Please download the template (below) that will show you how to supply your ideas for these areas of your website.

Download our design Template HERE

Please do not hesitate to call us and talk to our knowledgeable support staff to help you build your unique WebBuilder Company website any way you want.

SourcingMachine 'WebBuilder' - Promote Your Business Online!