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Individual Naming on Bottles has been Price Dropped!
Promotions Trade Company Ltd Individual Naming on Bottles has been Price Dropped!

Individual Naming on our Popular Capella Bottle has had a 60% Price Drop.

Our  Capella Bottle can be laser engraved with individual names, which is  perfect for going back to work or school and keeping separate drinkware.  This helps to avoid cross contamination, which is extremely important  during this time.

Having each bottle personalised also makes  this promotional product even more special to the end user, as well as  being noticed as a safety measure. The Capella is a practical, stylish  and an in-trend product which has now been enhanced to allow you to  completely customise it.

Other Bottles available to be individually names, contact us for more information.

All  of the names need to be in the same font and provided upon order.  For a  quote with the new cost please visit promotrade.co or email  sales@promotrade.co


Last edited by Promotions Trade Company Ltd (2020-06-26 04:54:33)