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Sow Easy Reduces MOQ on Seedsticks™ to A Historical Low
Sow Easy Sow Easy Reduces MOQ on Seedsticks™ to A Historical Low

Sow Easy, a seed & plant promotional products company based in  Buckinghamshire, has recently reduced lowered its minimum order quantity  (MOQ) on its hero product, Seedsticks™, to an all-time low. This  lowered MOQ has taken effect on 3, 5, and 10-pack Seedsticks, and has  been executed with the idea of helping distributors offer better options  to help clients reach their audiences, even on smaller budgets than  usual on account of COVID-19. Plus, unlike other promotional products,  Seedsticks can be planted, encouraging families and individuals to make  the most out of their time spent in lockdown. 

Regarding this  announcement, Sow Easy Managing Director Jamie Gray said, “We know how  tough these times can be on businesses of all sizes, but smaller ones  especially. In addition to making our promotional products more  accessible, our ultimate goal is for companies to think sustainably  about how they reach their audience, and contribute to a greener  tomorrow.”

Sow Easy has worked with distributors for more than 30  years, and in that time has continuously taken steps towards creating a  better tomorrow. The brand’s seeded products themselves not only  encourage flower and herb planting, but help to deter consumers from  single-use plastic promotional products. Sow Easy products can be  customised with any company’s branding.

For additional information, go  to www.soweasy.com, call +44 (0)1753 644588, or email info@soweasy.com




Last edited by Sow Easy (2020-05-20 02:25:39)