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The Pen Warehouse Introduce Paper Pen Sleeves to Improve Sustainable Business Practice
The Pen Warehouse The Pen Warehouse Introduce Paper Pen Sleeves to Improve Sustainable Business Practice

The Pen Warehouse, industry leaders in promotional writing  instruments, have introduced a range of paper pen sleeves in a conscious  effort to cut down on single-use plastics. The sleeves will be  available in three sizes to accommodate a single pen, three pens and  five pens. 

As of next week, all pen sample requests will be sent  out using paper packaging instead of plastic wallets.  Future  developments in packaging will include instructions on how to dispose of  the paper wallet in an environmentally friendly way. The paper sleeves  will also be offered to customers as an add-on service when protection  is required for printed pens, replacing traditional cellophane sleeves.   

The latest issue of Product Media Magazine includes further  content on The Pen Warehouse’s initiatives for change around packaging  through introducing gummed tape and requesting all suppliers from the  Far East use this tape on their packaging.  This is another step toward  ongoing improvements to sustainable business practices and the company  is keen to harness the many advantages of paper products to send an  unambiguous message to the consumer. 

Helen Dyl, Operations  Director, comments: “After much work and cost we now believe we have a  commercially viable optional solution to bring an end to the use of  cellophane sleeves. We hope our redirection inspires other companies  from within the promotional merchandise industry to consider their own  packaging options and creates a conversation which leads to sustainable  change.”   

You can read more about The Pen Warehouse’s  sustainability journey in the latest issue of Product Media Magazine and  submit suggestions for future editions of the company’s EcoSense blog  to ecosense@pens.co.uk/news/blog.

Last edited by The Pen Warehouse (2020-02-04 11:30:51)