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Russ Coleman Appointment Means Preseli is Hitting the Road!
Preseli Ltd Russ Coleman Appointment Means Preseli is Hitting the Road!

We  are delighted that Russ Coleman has joined our growing team. As Sales  Manager, Russ will be available to visit customers in the UK and  Ireland, with a  view to strengthening existing customer relationships and developing  new ones. If you would like a face-to-face meeting with Preseli, please get in touch with Russ on 07471 073 666 or via email at russ@preseli.biz.

At  Preseli, we have enjoyed 10 years of continuous growth, and Russ’s  appointment is key to our strategic plan for the coming years. Russ has a  wealth of  sales experience in the promotional industry, having enjoyed success at  Prime Time, Mid Ocean and, most recently, Stricker.

We  have always made customer service our core value, realising that we  hold our customers’ reputations in our hands whenever we accept an  order. Our product  range has been honed over the years to incorporate best-selling items  alongside some popular but hard-to-find items.

With  our parent company based in Hong Kong and providing QC checks,  logistical support and sourcing services, we at Preseli are ideally  placed to develop  and maintain close working relationships with manufacturers in mainland  China. In addition, we have gained ISO 9001 accreditation and are  continually working on compliance, with supplier audits, product testing  and environmental considerations (ISO 14001 is  in progress) integral to the culture of the company.

Dave  Wilson, our Managing Director, says “We have grown our business  organically in the past decade but are aware that our direct contact  with customers during  that time has mainly been limited to exhibitions and roadshows. I am  absolutely thrilled that Russ, who is a friend of many years, has chosen  to join us to plug that particular gap. I know that Russ will be a  brilliant communicator of our product range and,  more importantly, our services and credentials.”

Russ  said “I’m genuinely over the moon to have joined the Preseli team –  I’ve survived probation! The team made me feel very welcome and is full  of lovely  characters, the model of what a great supplier should be. I’ve enjoyed a  warm and friendly reception on my customer visits so far and I look  forward to getting out there more. I’ve found that everyone knows that  Preseli sell lanyards but I am excited to help  dispel the ‘one trick pony’ myth and help communicate to our lovely  customers what we are truly capable of – the other products in the  range, the sourcing capabilities and the services and values that  underpin the business.”

Russ is based in Leicester, so is perfectly located for visiting customers all over the UK and Ireland. If you would like Russ to arrange to visit your business, please contact him direct on 07471 073 666 or via email at russ@preseli.biz.

Last edited by Preseli Ltd (2019-11-05 11:05:02)