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‘Brexit’ Handy Can Kit
Bio Laboratories ‘Brexit’ Handy Can Kit

Now the perfect product to help you escape the daily ‘will we – won’t  we’ leave the EU ‘with or without’ a deal with your very own escape  Brexit survival handy can. 

This newest ‘tongue in cheek’  addition to the Bio Laboratories Handy Can™ range contains all you need  to block out and help you relax or help you get on the way to not caring  what happens including a sleep mask, ear plugs, a pulse point and mini  bottle of gin  

Contact: Ian Webb, Sales Director

Tel: 0161 941 2484

Email: ian.w@bio-labs.co.uk

Web: www.bio-labs.co.uk

Last edited by Bio Laboratories (2019-08-08 03:43:28)