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New Bee Mix Seedball Matchboxes
Sow Easy New Bee Mix Seedball Matchboxes

At Sow Easy, we’re delighted to actively take steps towards creating a better tomorrow. Our seeded products themselves not only encourage flower and herb planting, but help to deter consumers from plastic promotional products.


As you may know, 10th July was “Don’t Step on A Bee Day.” So, for a day dedicated to the preservation of bee populations, we paid some mind to our lovely Bee Mix Seedball Matchboxes. 


Each Seedball Matchbox contains six easy-to-grow wildflower Seedballs. The seed varieties within these Seedballs have been carefully selected, as they are each especially sustainable for, and a favourite of, bees. 


Perhaps the best thing about these Seedballs? There’s no gardening skill required! The balls simply have to be scattered on soil, in a garden, or pot and nature is left to do the rest. Plus, because the seeds are inside of a clay ball, they are naturally protected against predators and more. 


For room to promote your clients’ brands, each Seedball Matchbox comes outfitted with a fully brand-able label with a print size of 51 x 51mm which covers the top (34 x 51mm) and one side(14 x 51mm).


Of course, our products can be customised with branding suited for any of your clients. For additional information, go to www.soweasy.com. To place an order, call +44 (0)1753 644588, or email info@soweasy.com