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BPMA Mental Health
Sourcing Machine BPMA Mental Health

With awareness of Mental Health within the industry on the rise, the BPMA have organised two regional Mental Health seminars to help drive awareness within the industry.

The sessions are being ran by employment lawyer and mental health advocate Jodie Hill alongside Dr Sarah Hattam who has a special interest in mental health and wellbeing having previously worked in psychiatry.

The main topics for discussion will be around how to improve mental health within your organisation:

·      Implementing a positive mental health policy in your organisation

·      When the warning lights come on – how to identify a colleague in difficulty and confidently initiate a supportive conversation

·      Reasonable adjustments, what are they and when do they arise

·      When does a mental health condition become a disability under the Equality Act and what we should be doing when we know this


These industry specific seminars are open to all, however new to the industry you may be. For more information on the Mental Health seminars, including bookings, see www.bpma.co.uk/events or contact daniel.symonds@bpma.co.uk


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