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New from Reflects UK!
Reflects UK New from Reflects UK!

If you do not want to give up your Wireless Charging Station during your vacation, on business trips, in the office or at home, REFLECTS-Los Angeles promises light luggage. Because the station for wireless charging your smartphone is small, compact and fits almost anywhere. A 1 m long micro-USB / USB cable provides the charging station with power and can be stowed in the body to save space. In new generation phones, wireless charging technology is already in place. So you connect the station only to a power source and can simply put your smartphone on the loading area for charging. The surface of the station's plastic housing can be branded over the entire surface with REFLECTS UV-Print. Overheating and overvoltage protection. Input current: DC5V / 2.0A, output current: DC5V / 1.0A. 1 charging coil (5 watts)

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